Jace | Male, White, He/Him

What does “body positivity” mean to you? How has your body image changed over time? How does your body image play a role in your identity or even in your daily life?

Body positivity means being nice to yourself and others in regards to physical characteristics. In general my body image has swayed over time. Anxious about it sometimes, happy about it at other times. Body image definitely affects how I perceive myself. In general, it causes me a great deal of stress and dissatisfaction. I’m working on it though.

How has body image affected your mental and emotional health? What’s something that helps you feel comfortable in your own skin?

Body image has negatively affected my mental health overall. To feel better and more comfortable I usually just talk with my therapist about it or try to go to the gym. But in general mindfulness is probably the biggest help.

How can we talk about our body image with our loved ones in a way that is supportive and helpful? How has the media influenced your body image?

The media is probably my greatest negative influence in terms of self-perception based on body image. In general, when discussing body image with loved ones I think it’s important to be positive and comforting but not so much that your compliments can appear insincere.

Is there a specific message that you’d like to convey by participating in this project?

People are multifaceted, and the arbitrary lines we draw in the sand societally are superficial and inadequately prepare us for understanding the world today.