Graham | Male, White/British American, He/Him/His

What does “body positivity” mean to you? How has your body image changed over time? How does your body image play a role in your identity or even in your daily life?

Body positivity to me means being comfortable in the body I’m in. I’m comfortable with my shape and prefer to eat healthy, exercise and get enough hours of sleep for the week rather than focus on a number on the scale.

How has body image affected your mental and emotional health? What’s something that helps you feel comfortable in your own skin?

My body image is tied to my mental and emotional health, and when I’m good to myself, I feel great. I think everyone should spend more time naked, it’s the best way to embrace your own personal sexiness.

How can we talk about our body image with our loved ones in a way that is supportive and helpful? How has the media influenced your body image?

I like to remind myself that it’s truly not what’s on the outside that counts but rather who you are on the inside. If the media weighed our hearts instead of evaluating our physical attributes, we’d have a lot more peace in this world.

Is there a specific message that you’d like to convey by participating in this project?

As a grad student, I want to represent how bodies change overtime and how we are beautiful at any age, and in any size, gender or color.